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🎮 Video Game Emoji

A video game emoji, shown on major platforms as a console gamepad with D-pad, joysticks, and buttons. Video Game was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and …

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🎮 Video Game Emoji 😀😂👌❤️😍

🎮 Video Game Emoji 😀😂👌❤️😍

Emoji Dictionary:🎮 Video Game Emoji Emoji.

Emoji Dictionary:🎮 Video Game Emoji Emoji 😀😂👌❤️😍

🎮 Video Game Emoji | 🏆 Emojiguide

Calling all gamers! Share your passion with the Video Game emoji! This emoji shows a game controller with two joysticks and game buttons.

This emoji shows a black or white video game console with various controls, which represents e-gaming.

🎮 Video Game Emoji — Meaning In Texting, Copy & Paste 📚

Video Game emoji is the image of a Video Game controller. You don’t have to be an expert level player to enjoy video games. Like with 📚 Books, video games …

Video Game emoji is the image of a video game controller. You don’t have to be an expert level player to enjoy… Combinations: 🍗🍖🎮 Hunger Games

Gaming Emojis for Discord & Slack

Gaming Emojis for Discord & Slack – Discord Emoji

Gaming emojis are custom emojis created and themed around a particular video game such as Genshin Impact, Among Us, Leauge of Legends and more.

Find Gaming emojis to use on Discord or Slack –, The largest directory of free custom emojis on the internet.

Video Game emoji Meaning –

🎮 Video Game emoji Meaning |

8. jul. 2021 — The Video Game emoji 🎮 depicts a controller used to play video games. It is commonly used to represent gaming and gamers.

Whether you’re a serious gamer or celebrating National Video Game Day, up your social media game with this controller emoji.

🎮 Video game emoji – YayText

🎮 Video game emoji

The video game emoji depicts a video game console controller with two joysticks, two handles, and some buttons used to play the games themselves.

Learn all about the video game emoji. You can use this emoji when talking about any of the major gaming consoles or referring to someone who is a big time gamer. Preview how the video game emoji looks on different sites, find related emojis, and easily copy/paste this and other emojis.

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